Equity Bank And Trust Bahamas Limited is located in Nassau, Bahamas, the leading private management centre in the Caribbean region and is part of The Equity Group of Companies with bank and trust company affiliates in Switzerland, Panama, Dubai and the British Virgin Islands.

As an independent, boutique bank, trust and other financial services provider, The Equity Group designs custom made products and services to meet specific needs of high net worth individuals, families and institutional clients. The breadth of our multi-jurisdictional group of companies and affiliates provides us with the flexibility to devise and establish entities and relationships not only in The Bahamas but elsewhere if this in the best interest of a client.

The constantly changing global economic environment demands an increasingly complex process for personal wealth management and a service provider that understands the intricacies and challenges that come with that responsibility and mandate. Private banking is the foundation of the Bahamas comprehensive financial services offerings and Equity Bank And Trust Bahamas Limited is at the forefront of independent Bahamian banks with the knowledge, agility and experience to meet the evolving needs of international clients. Since its establishment in 1985, Equity Bank and Trust Bahamas Limited and its affiliates have continued to evolve the broadest range of banking, investment funds, trusts, foundations, corporate products and related services.

The evolution and growth of The Equity Group — during a period of tumultuous change and uncertainty across the international financial services industry — is testament to our fierce and uncompromising client-centric commitment to professionalism and integrity in delivering exceptional services and inspiring confidence and security among our clients around the world. Additionally, our wholly owned Bahamian company status inures us from decision-making from afar allowing us the flexibility to respond quickly to any client situation or opportunity.